With the European and local elections in June it is crucial to understand  the reality associated with voting for MEP’s, MP’s, Councillors (Independent, Labour, Conservative, Respect, BNP, Liberals…) and what is the Islamic ruling regarding this action.

Basic facts about  the  current  system we are living under in Europe which has 27 countries and 375 million potential voters are

Ideology Government Political State
Capitalist (Economic System) Democratic (Representative) Secular

All three  have one thing in common, they are manmade  and the sovereignty is placed in the hands of human beings.

European Parliament – Holds plenary sessions in Strasbourg (France) and  Brussels  (Belgium) where  they examine draft legislation in committees. EU laws  apply  in all member  states, most  of the  laws passed  by national  parliaments  are  drafted  in  response  to  European  directives  (framework  laws  that  have  to  be transposed  into national law within a certain timescale). The 736 elected MEPs are there to represent citizens, as legislation is debated, amended and either rejected or approved.

EU Constitution – This spells out the Unions objectives in Part I on the first line of Article 1 Reflecting the will of the citizens and states of Europe to build a common future Article 1-2 makes it even more specific by stating the EU is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law…

Parliament Parliamentary sovereignty is  the  most  important principle of the  UK  constitution. It makes Parliament the supreme  legal authority in the UK, which can create,  change or end any law. These laws can originate from the  Queens Speech, MP’s, Lords, Mayors, think tanks, pressure  groups, councillors or even a member  of the public. Before they can become  law, both the House of Commons and House of Lords must debate and vote on the proposals and no parliament can pass laws that future parliaments cannot change.

Local Government Powers – Local authorities  are created  by Acts of Parliament. They may be abolished by Parliament and their powers are determined by Parliament. A local council  must administer certain rules which Parliament has laid down for it and it can also make its own rules. Councillors and their authority can only do what they are specifically permitted to do by law. Acts of Parliament lay down specific duties that  must be carried out  – regulatory duties, mandatory  acts  and  things that  may be  done  by choice, permissive and adoptive acts. Councils have the authority to pass bye-laws and impose spot fines on those  who transgress them.

Councillors Local councillors play a vital role in the  functioning of democracy (sovereignty to man), these frontline councillors are collectively charged with the political leadership of many processes i.e. influence local decision making by legislating. Councillors make many different types of decisions and recommendations  that have far-reaching consequences  for the  communities they represent and on council staff. They also have a leadership role that requires them to engage with and advocate on behalf of local people.

Role of the Councillor – As a councillor, the code also requires that you have a duty to uphold the law by:

•      Promoting equality and not unlawfully discriminate (e.g. taking sides by defending homosexual rights and incest laws)

•      Treat others with respect (e.g. help pro abortionist groups and euthanasia patients to have access to services)

All councils have committees  formed of councillors which reflect the political membership of the council, to make what are called quasi-judicial decisions. Thus a councillor shares a collective responsibility with other councillors (even from different political parties) to:

•      Make policy

•      Formulate and monitor strategies and budgets

•      Take executive decisions on behalf of residents

•      Implement regulatory duties, these  are powers and services that councils must provide and include:

o  Development control – planning permission and applications

o  Licensing certain premises (i.e. for the sale of alcohol (liquor), Casinos for gambling


o  Licensing taxis

Anyone with an ounce of Islamic knowledge will automatically see the problems with being an MEP, MP or councillor let alone voting for one. Unfortunately we have dogs who like to bark statements  like “Participating in local elections is your civic duty and is in the best traditions of Islam” or it is beneficial for Muslims to vote.

Islamic Verdict There is no doubt that the duty of a councillor or an MEP and what they stand up for is not based upon the Shariah. Below is a simple list with examples which give Islamic reasons (directly or indirectly) why it is totally prohibited (Haram) to stand up to be a councillor or an MEP and it can quite easily lead to committing polytheism (Shirk Akbar).

1.  Pollutes all the fundamental principles of Islamic Monotheism (Tawheed).

The employers of the councillors i.e. the MPs must affirm or take an oath of allegiance to the monarch before they can work in Parliament. They say I swear by Almighty God (or if you are an atheist you say, I do solemnly and sincerely affirm) that I shall  be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors according to law. (So help me God).

Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Taghoot (Satan, evil, manmade laws etc) and believes in Allah, then he has understood the Kalimah that will never break. [EMQ


2.  A councillor must declare that he or she will abide, adhere and judge by the manmade laws.

You cannot act as a councillor until you have signed a formal declaration of acceptance  of office (Model or Statutory Code of Conduct). This code has been drafted up by the government.  At the same time, you must sign an agreement to abide by the protocols and code of conduct adopted by your council i.e. a constitution (in other words councillors are bound by statutes). A typical council constitution would instruct its councillor in a tribunal setting to follow a proper procedure which accords with the requirements of natural justice and the right to a fair trial contained in Article 6 of the  European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

(Allah is) the most just of judges [EMQ 11:45]

3.  You must accept the principle of choose and vote on ANY law (legislate)

e.g. porn, alcohol, brothels, bingo halls etc.

In 1992 the problem of prostitution was discussed and the local people agreed it was something that was not going  to  go  away.  The  Birmingham’s  Community  Affairs  Committee,  supported   by  local  councillors, recommended  a ‘zone of tolerance’ to be established – like those in Holland – where street prostitution would be taxed and could operate  freely.

(Allah is) the legislator [EMQ 6:62]

4.  You must submit to all the laws and regulations of the majority who are representing the people.

If the majority of the regulatory panel wanted to grant a premises licence to sell gay DVD’s everyone has to accept the decision.

but most of mankind refuse (the truth and accept nothing) but disbelief. [17:89]

5. He or she gives legitimacy to the democratic government in the eyes of the masses.

Citizenship ceremonies  are a civic occasion in which the Mayor and councillors witness and participate in to help welcome new Citizens. The new citizen is required by law to swear or affirm an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen and a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom to respect its rights and freedoms. Everyone present also sing the national anthem.

Muhammad (saw) said He who calls for nationalism is as if he bit his father’s genitals. [Mishkat Masabih]

6.  You will be changing the laws of Allah by making the Haram Halaal

(Istihlaal) and the Halaal Haram.

You  will allow  pubs to function, you will give planning  permission  for idolators  to be build  and construct temples, debates  over where to place public statues will happen, the call to prayer (Azaan) will be restricted, graveyards to be mixed etc.

And certainly, the devils do inspire their friends (from mankind) to dispute with you, and if you obey them

(by making a dead animal legal by eating it), then you would indeed be Mushrikoon (polytheists); [EMQ 6:121]

7.  You will divide and pollute the words of the Muslims and weaken the

Muslim community.

The Lord Mayor councillor Mohammed Iqbal in the Chair reported  that  he had written to Corporal S. Brown offering best wishes for recovery and commending his bravery when injured in action in Basra.

Oh you who believe! Take not My enemies and your enemies as friends, showing affection towards them,

[EMQ 60:1]

8.  You must show Wala (love) for the illegitimate system and the Kufaar

MP’s etc. (hence cannot do Baraa (hate).

The Lord Mayor councillor Mohammed Iqbal referred to the recent death of former Councillor and Honorary A. D. Hamilton and the Council stood in silent tribute.

Then how can I grieve for a disbelieving people’s (destruction). [EMQ 7:93]

9. You will always be with an institution that will never be free from rejecting

Islam (indirectly or directly).

A late night nude lap dancing license was granted to a club near a Muslim area. A spokeswoman for the council said: The licensing committee (composed of councillors) can only make a decision based on current regulations, not on moral judgement.

Is the believer and the disbeliever the same? No they are not the same. [EMQ 32:18]

10.You will carry the sin of consenting to the laws of the executive authority.

Councillors consent  to  public evils and  sin, they  publicise and  legalise indecency and they  help others  to commit sin. Our beloved Prophet (saw) said If a sin is committed on this earth, the one who witnessed it and hates it (disapproved/denounces it) will be like one who knew nothing of it. Whoever does not witness it but approves of it will be like one who witnesses it (consented to it). [Sunan of Abu Dawood]

11.You will be going against commanding the good and rejecting the evil.

The Gambling Act 2005 requires the  Council, as the  licensing authority,  to  carry out  its various licensing functions with regard to the following objectives: – Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way.

Oh you who believe! Intoxicants (alcoholic drinks), gambling and arrows for seeking luck or decision are abominations of Satan’s handiwork. So avoid (strictly all) that (abominations) in order that you may be successful. [EMQ 5:90]

12.You are obliged to reject the principle of Jihad.

In December 2006 councillor K. Hussain, said We do want to encourage more Muslims to consider joining the armed forces. There’s certainly no legal restriction in Islam to stop them doing so. If we live in this country we should be making a full contribution to this society and that includes defending its security.

Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah and those who disbelieve fight in the cause of Taghoot (evil). [EMQ 4:76]

Summary – If this is the dire status of the councillor, MP or the MEP then the person who votes for them is asking them to represent them in the highest levels (Akbar) of Kufr (disbelief), Shirk (polytheism) and Nifaaq (hypocrisy). The call of making the manmade system supreme is something Islam came to reject/replace with the  Islamic Caliphate system and not consent  to. The councillor is trying to appease  the believers and the disbelievers by sitting on the fence and Allah (swt) tells us that:

(They are) swaying between this and that, belonging neither to them (believers) nor to those (disbelievers); [EMQ 4:143]

Spurious Arguments for participation in Democratic Elections and becoming Members of Parliament

Those who permit this are at different levels of misguidance; there  are some deviant sects who believe that Democracy is an acceptable system of governance unrestrictedly and these are one extreme,  then there  are others who only permit this participation based on certain desires, misconceptions and doubts, which we shall address.

Shariah based Proofs:

Yusuf (as) – Worked as a minister for the non-Muslim King in the storehouse therefore to vote for a democratic candidate is less than that. The people forget that before he took up the position he declared Verily the rule is for none other than Allah [EMQ 12:40], secondly he was in charge of managing food and not legislating and more pertinently  Mujahid (ra) said The King whom Yusuf (as) was with entered Islam (i.e. became  Muslim) [Tafsir  Imam  Tabari  Volume  9  p.217].  So  how  dare  some  people  claim  that  a  Prophet  of  Allah  (swt) implemented Kufr (non-Islamic laws) rather Yusuf (as) and the King implemented the Shariah of Ya’cub (as).

The Hilf of Al-Fudool – This was a pre-Islamic alliance by numerous  tribes which guaranteed the  safety of pilgrims and Muhammad (saw) commended  it. The simple fact is that  entering into treaties is the job of the head of state and no one else Muhammad (saw) said The ruler has responsibility and charge over the people and he alone has that responsibility. [Bukhari] There is no link between signing up to a treaty (that agrees with Islam) and voting for manmade laws (legislating).

Najashi the Christian Ethiopian King – He was a just ruler and Muhammad (saw) advised his companions to migrate there.  The achille’s heel in this case is that  in the  science of Islam we follow the  exemplary life of Muhammad (saw) and not the action of others especially when the Negus wasn’t even a companion. However the Kings justness was that  he would not oppress Muslims and would let them  do their Dawah. Also, there were many Abysinnian Kings and the  last one died as a Muslim Muhammad (saw) said Today a pious man (Najashi) has died. So get up and offer the funeral prayer for your brother Ashama [Bukhari]. Finally at the time of Negus the Deen had not been  completed and today we know that  Allah (swt) informed us …I have perfected (completed) your Deen for you… [EMQ 5:3] hence there is no space for any foreign law.

Al-Masalih Al-Mursalah The unmentioned  public interest principle originated by Imam Malik (rh) i.e. the Shariah seeks to maximise interest/benefit  and prevent  harm/hardship.  Like  most  principles it  has to fulfil certain conditions one of which is that the interest cannot go against the Shariah and voting for manmade laws is not in anyone’s interest because  it takes one out of the fold of Islam (Murtad) and you will reside in hell forever.

We live in Dar-ul-Harb – A land of war, therefore  almost everything and anything is permitted for us. The first fact is we are not in a land of war and if we were then Allah (swt) informs us to fight and this is miles away from legislating. To put things into perspective Muhammad (saw) forbade travelling with a Quran in the land of the enemy. [Muwattah] in the UK there are around 1400 Masjids.

Rational Proofs:

Actions are judged according to intentions – Hence a disobedient act (sin) can be turned into a good act as long as you have the  good intention. So I can gamble (which is prohibited) but if I win  I will  donate  all the money to a charitable cause (Masjid).

Opting for the lesser of two evils – If you do not vote that is more evil than voting. We answer this baseless statement  by a person who had the option of drinking alcohol, committing Zina or killing a child he chose to drink alcohol got drunk raped  a woman  and murdered  a child who was obstructing  his way [reported  in Bukhari] his other option was not to take any of the 3 options. We ask the question If voting for manmade laws is which Shirk Akbar what is more evil than this?

Obeying the law of the land – Imam Abu Hanifah (rh) said we must do this, yes he did say this but he was referring to the Dhimmies living under  Islam. Do not obey the disbelievers and the hypocrites, reject their corruption and depend on Allah. [EMQ 33:48]

The majority of the Scholars say its fine to vote And if you obey most of those on the earth, they will mislead you far away from Allah’s path. They follow nothing but conjectures and they do nothing but lie. [EMQ 6:116]

Far right wing groups will come into power – So we will not get planning permission to build mosques, Islamic schools, no Eid holidays etc. The irony of this scare tactic is that the policies of these  racist groups are more beneficial to Muslims than the major parties i.e. the BNP will withdraw all troops out of Muslim lands, doesn’t this stop the killing of innocent Muslims whereas the other parties want to go to war.

Islam is a religion and has nothing to do with politics – This is a blatant lie, Islam came to look after the affairs of mankind from how to clean yourselves all the way to conquering and ruling the world with the laws of Allah (swt).

We are a minority so we must engage in the political process for our voices to be heard – Muhammad (saw) and his noble companions were also a minority in Mecca they were asked to rule for one year but they refused to compromise or share power.

Other weaker unfounded reasoning’s are also used to support the case for voting i.e. we need to use wisdom (Hikma), we are under duress, i’m ignorant, due to necessity the unlawful becomes lawful, we are forbidding the evil, we are citizens of Europe and are bound by our contracts, co-operating on the good deeds, the ends justifies the means, treaty of Hudaibiyyah, etc.


We have presented  the clear proofs and now it is your duty to stay away from all of this evil and stop people from becoming Mushriks (polytheists) and Murtads (apostates) by voting for manmade laws to be sovereign via a MEP, MP or a councillor. Otherwise Allah (swt) informs us Have you not seen those (hypocrites) who claim that they believe in that which has been sent down to you, and that which was sent down before you and they wish to go for judgement (in their disputes) to the Tagoot (false judges, councillors, MP’s, MEP’s etc.) while they have been ordered to reject them. But Satan wishes to lead them far astray. [EMQ 4:60] and in another  verse Allah (swt) states But no, by your Lord, they can have no Faith, until they make you (the Quran and authentic  Sunnah) judge in all disputes between them, finding in themselves no resistance against your decisions and accept (them) with full (complete) submission. [EMQ 4:65]

The Islamic Verdict

On participating in the European and local British (democratic) elections in June 2009

and Satan has made their deeds fair-seeming to them and has barred them from (Allah’s) way, so they have no guidance. [EMQ 27:24]

We have clearly shown that the reality of voting is that the voters collectively are sovereign as a people who legislate for  their  own  affairs in  society  thus  as  a  sovereign  body  they  establish  a  mechanism  to  have representatives from  amongst  themselves, who  they  choose  and  vote  for, who  become  MEP’s,  MP’s or councillors who go on to legislate law and order on their behalf for their own interests. This is manifested in the political man-made principle, which states that the rule is by the people, for the people over the people, hence we can say that people are the source of lawmaking.

The reality of the voter is that he or she is the one who chooses his representative,  which results in fact in his or her joint liability for whatever the representative  has been chosen and allocated for. The task involved here is to make laws so that you can manage people’s affairs/interests.

Therefore the European and English Parliament is a body which legislates, people are sovereign and the source of legislation are MEP’s, MP’s, councillors who are chosen by the people to legislate on their behalf. The Islamic ruling on the above facts are as follows:

1.     Anybody who believes that Almighty Allah (swt) is not the only, exclusive Legislator and Commander is a

Kaafir i.e. a disbeliever.

2.     Anybody who believes  in Almighty Allah (swt) and  associates  anyone  else  with  Him  (commits  Shirk), contravening  his  being  the  sole  Legislator  and  Commander  is  a  Mushrik  i.e.  A  polytheist  one  who associates another as a partner unto Allah (swt).

3.     Any Muslim who votes for a person knowing that the Parliament is a body that legislates (makes) law is a

Murtad i.e. an apostate.

4.     Any Muslim who participates in elections to become an MEP, MP or councillor knowing the reality of the

Parliament as a legislative house is a Murtad i.e. an apostate.

5.     Any Muslim who does not know the reality of Parliament and he or she votes is sinful because he or she did not seek the divine ruling for the action before committing it, since the Juristic Principle is that every action, verbal or physical, must be based on an Islamic ruling which is derived solely from the Quran and Sunnah based upon the understanding of the Sahabah (ra).

6.     Any Muslim who participates in voting for a candidate whether  the candidate is a Muslim or non-Muslim basing his action on a misled so-called ‘opinion’ from a rationalist or secular clergyman has been misled and the issue must be explained to him or her. Although believing that Allah (swt) is the only Legislator is a matter known from the Deen of Islam by necessity, therefore  ignorance about it is not an excuse and he or she is therefore sinful.

7.     The only acceptable excuse is for a person who is a new Muslim or someone totally ignorant (Jaahil) about what is known by necessity from the Deen of Islam due to the fact that he or she has grown up under Kufr

law and resided amongst non-Muslims. Those Muslims need this serious matter  fully explained to them but if they continue  to vote claiming that  they have a different opinion  from another  person  they are sinful.

One of the divine evidences for the above verdicts, is derived from the Quran and the authentic Sunnah when Allah (swt) informs us: They (Jews and Christians) took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords and legislators besides Allah (by obeying them in things which they made lawful or unlawful according to their own desires without being ordered by Allah), and (they also took as their Lord) Messiah, son of Maryam, while they (Jews and Christians) were commanded to worship, obey, follow none but One Ilaah. Praise and glory be to Him, (far above is He) from having the partners they associate (with Him). [EMQ 9:31] The circumstances in which this ayah was revealed are that  Adi bin Hatim (ra), who had been  a Christian before  accepting Islam, once came to the Prophet (saw). When he heard him reciting the above verse he (ra) said Oh Messenger of Allah, but they do not worship them. The Prophet (saw) replied, Yes, but they (rabbis and monks) prohibit to the people what is Halal and permit them what is Haram and the people obey them. This is indeed their worship of them. [Musnad Imam Ahmad and Tirmidhi]

And mix not truth with falsehood nor conceal the truth while you know (the truth). [EMQ 2:42]

But those who disbelieve and deny Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, lessons, signs, revelations etc.) such are the dwellers of the Fire. They shall abide therein forever. [EMQ 2:39]

Such is Allah, your Lord in truth. So after the truth, what else can there be, save error?

How then are you turned away?

[EMQ 10:32]